Duo Barbedette Quenderff


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    The two young artists presenting this album have of course acquired their knowledge of Breton music in the folk dance evenings of central Brittany. From their childhood on, no doubt before they imagined they might one day become musicians, they danced the “tro” dances of the “Côtes du Nord”. That was just the beginning of a cultural elaboration; the music born from this is visibly interwoven with strands of more exotic hues. The dance tunes, or the slow tunes that we in our Franco-Breton call “melodies”, often come from popular Breton music but the interplay, Bob Marley Photos improvisation and instrumentation belong to a more rarefied world.

    This modern and inventive duo destructures traditional forms to transport us into a personal creation which sometimes makes me think of Charlie Haden or Carlos Parades.

    A new, encouraging proof of the great individuality in Breton music.

    Erik Marchand

  • The team

    Guests :
    - Guillaume Le Guern (clarinet)
    - Nanda Troadec (voice)

    Artistic advice : Mikaël Seznec
    Recorded at Trémargat (22) and mixed at the Toot! Studio in St Brieuc (22) by Pierre-Louis and Pierre-Marie Carsin between August and November 2007.
    Painting: He Yifu / Calligraphy: Isabelle Baticle / Photographs: Xavier Matthys
    Sleeve design: Attitude Graphique in Rostrenen

    Production: Drom, with the help of Conseil Général des Côtes d'Armor.


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  • Tracks :
    2. Garlan-Maquignon
    3. GavochPLinn
    4. Bemdez bemnoz
    5. Quand le plinn bamboche

    6. Frêne
    7. Danouët-Mopti

    8. An raibh tu ag en gcarraig ?
    9. Laridés
    10. Hêtre
    11. Par un beau soir
    12. Chêne
    13. Sînt fecior din Lorient
    14. Aval al fons de l'aiga